Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Flat Classroom at The W.A.L.L- We All Learn and Lead

Incredible.  Glorious.  Amazing. Inspiring...................My faith in our future has been restored. These kids really do CARE about the world and other people that are less fortunate as them.This youmg man, Younis from Oman, along with AnisaJohn and Yuxi who were from China and Indonesia were kids I was lucky to be able to work with at the conference...they came up with a project called X-out Poverty. Their idea was to have teens "walk a mile in their shoes" by living in another county for a week or so, in order for them to be able to relate to them, and then to
go on to blog about their experience on a wiki/website created for discussing poverty. Their idea is by experiencing poverty, and educating others, they can slowly eliminate it.
Younis and 3 of his friends from Oman created a digital project about recycling in their country. 
I am so glad I was fortunate enough to be able to go to this conference. I learned so much, it is hard for me to put all into words. I learned about the Chinese culture and history, I witnessed kids from other countries, can just hang together for a few days and become lifelong friends. I also learned that we as Americans, should NEVER take our freedom for granted, we are so fortuitous.

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